1. What is LUGGEL?

LUGGEL is a one-stop tourism marketplace that allows users and Local Experts to connect on a safe platform. Users browse LUGGEL to learn more about local culture and Local Experts with a passion for sharing these local experiences come to our platform to make it possible.

2. Can I contact my local expert?

Your Local Expert will make contact with you following your booking. This is to ensure that discretion and privacy of data is made manifest on both ends.

3. How do I know if the local expert is really a local expert?

Our Local Experts go through a rigorous process in order to become experience providers for LUGGEL. If you are not convinced, we portray ratings and reviews of all our Local Experts. We give you the freedom to make your decisions based on these ratings made by users like yourselves!

4. Can I make a review about my local expert?

Yes, you can! In fact, we encourage that you do just that after your experience! You will be sent an email post-trip. That will be your opportunity to rate and review your Local Expert. Honesty is everybody’s best policy and that includes ourselves too!

5. Where will these local experiences take place? What places are offered?

These local experiences will take place in different parts of the ASEAN region. The places that are offered can either be cities, sleepy towns or hidden gems far off the beaten track. We wish to provide a wide variety of offerings overtime as we grow and learn with you!

6. Can I change the itinerary after I made booking?

You are allowed to change the itinerary as you please with the discretion of the local expert. However, changes cannot be made 5 days prior to your trip. This is to ensure there are no inconveniences to both parties. More details can be found in the amendment policy.

7. What time will I meet my local expert?

You will meet your Local Expert at the stipulated time and place as suggested in your booking summary.

8. Can I extend the service of my local expert?

You may, but at your own discretion. LUGGEL disclaims any responsibility regarding actions, happenings or undertakings that occur outside the window/frame of booking (see “Terms”)

9. Can I make a refund?

You can make a refund due to unforeseen circumstances/unsatisfactory experiences (see “Terms”)

10. Are there any travel insurance covered?

There is no travel insurance coverage for any of the trips/experiences offered by LUGGEL. You may engage in purchasing the coverage needed on your own accord.

11. Will local expert be In charge of our accommodation?

Local Experts are not obliged to provide accommodation. (Pertaining to point 8)

12. How many travellers can one local expert accommodate?

The number of travellers that one Local Expert can accommodate will be made clear in the information window regarding experience/trip.

1. How do I get notified if someone chooses my service?

A notification email will be sent to your inbox regarding the booking details.

2. Can we manage our experiences personally or have to go through Luggel?

No phishing of customers can be made outside the LUGGEL platform. All booking procedures must transpire via LUGGEL.

3. What’s the duration for each Travel experience to be posted up?

The duration will be made clear in the information window regarding experience/trip.

4. How do we communicate with our customers?

You will be able to communicate with your customers after LUGGEL connects both parties, giving your contact details.

5. Do we have access to our customers’ profiles?

No. Data privacy of all users, regardless of supplier and customer, is essential to us.

6. Do you have a rating system for us and customers?

Customers will be able to rate their experiences with you and to hand out reviews. The rating system that we will provide you is with regards to the usability of the platform.

7. Can we make a review about our customers?

No. You will be unable to.

8. How are the payments made to us?

Payments will be made via Bank Transfer from the information provided at sign-up. (See “Payment Procedure/Terms”)

9. Who do we talk to if we have any problems?

If you have any queries/problems/suggestions, feel free to email support@luggel.com

10. Do we pay per transaction or per year?

Payment is made per transaction