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Have your vacations planned with just a few clicks.

We are an online platform that connects all the travel agencies and local experts in Malaysia to provide customers the different travel packages and tours available, revealing both the surface and hidden gems to our customers.

One-Stop Travel Platform

With the motto of "Rediscover Travel, Luggel aspires to provide one-stop travel solution in Malaysia by incorporating accommodation, transportation, payment and logistics services, providing you a fast and seamless travel booking experience. With Luggel, is it now easier and safer than ever before for inbound travellers and local citizens to travel in Malaysia."

Hassle-Free, Lower Price Guaranteed

Your travel experience is made convenient and time-saving with our user-friendly booking platform. Plus, we strive to bring in the most affordable and bargained travel packages available in Malaysia.

Passion for Travel

We are passionate about creating and rediscovering travel experiences with the aid of domestic tour operators and local citizens who excel and share the same enthusiasm in travelling. We acknowledge travellers' voice and are constantly enhancing our services to ensure the maximum satisfaction for our customers. We will continue our journey to revolutionise the domestic travel industry by always integrating technology and latest trend to digitalise the travel experiences and to upscale the industry's standard.